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  • Mini but Mighty. Fits in any space, fills any room with surprisingly rich and powerful sound.
  • Play different songs in different rooms at the same time. Or, pump one song in perfect sync, throughout your home.
  • Set-up in five minutes using your home Wi-Fi. Easily expand your home audio system over time by adding wireless speakers to additional rooms whenever you’re ready.
  • Wirelessly Stream all your favorite music services like Prime Music Unlimited, Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify.
  • Perfect for home theater rears or a stereo pair. Wall mountable.
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Amazon Review by Z :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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I really like it

I must've read about 250 reviews on the Sonos products to include the Play 1s and the Playbar/sub/5.1 system. I know all of the criticism about the lack of an HDMI input and the lack of DTS support and I absolutely agree with those criticisms. There isn't any reason not to support the best formats on the market. That being said, I bought the Sonos Playbar, Sub and two Play 1s after going through three Sony playbar/sub combos and the Yamaha 203. Understand, I downgraded from a 7.1 system anchored by an Onkyo AV receiver, two Bose floor speakers and a set of Energy 5s + subwoofer. I simply got sick of the wires and wanted a clean look and decided to go with a playbar. After trying the four other systems and not being really impressed with the sound of any of them, I decided to roll the dice on the Sonos with the desire being 1) good sound and 2) wireless as much as possible. I wasn't concerned in the least with all of the hoopla about connectivity with streaming services etc...

So, I install the system on a newer LED tv that has a 5.1 pass through on the optical port and bam! I fall in love with THE SOUND. I get it. I’m not trying to compete with an audiophilic, perfect system nor do I care about specs as much as I do about liking what I hear. And the bottom line is that I really like what I hear. I get the full 5.1 out of the system and the Play 1s sound fantastic as the rear pair of the surround sound set up. They really do sound good. The playbar is a great anchor for the TV when it comes to dialogue and as it acts as a front pair and center speaker for the whole system during movies and music. I apologize to all of the purists out there, but I love the Sonos system.

Setup is just too stinking easy. Wow.

And the streaming piece that meant nothing to me…well, I played around with Spotify Premiere and what can I tell you? I can watch a boring football game while hoping for something spectacular to occur and instantly switch to listening to any of my 35 kabillion songs while keeping the game on. If something groovy happens on the tube, I just switch the sound back to the TV. There is zero lag between the TV and the system or between any of the separate speakers. outstanding synch. And with version 7.0 of the Sonos app I can stream from the Spotify app instead of having to use the Sonos app. Sweet.

Why only four stars then? As mentioned at the start of this diatribe, Sonos needs to get off their elitist butts and add HDMI connectivity and support for DTS. It is a tough decision to spring this kind of scratch for a system that could be phenomenal “if only…”. After reading through countless forum threads about the issue, it almost seems as if the Sonos team takes a certain pride in telling their paying faithful to shut up and colors they decide are in our best interest. Not cool.

All in all it’s hard to criticize the Sonos Play 1 as I have it set up in conjunction with the playbar and the sub. But it’s expensive and technologically crippled for no apparent reason. I would recommend it if you can afford it, you aren’t looking for audiophile ego strokes, you want to scrap the wires, and if you have a TV that passes the full 5.1 through the optical port. - Customer Reviews: Sonos PLAY:1 Compact Wireless Smart Speaker for Streaming Music (Black)


Best Buy Review by masterfacialblaster :star::star::star::star::star:


For those of you that are technically challenged this is WIFI AUDIO!, not bluetooth! Bluetooth sounds like caka! You don't carry these around. They stay in the room they are meant to, plugged into power...They sound 1000% better than bluetooth.If you wan't bad sound and speakers to carry around go buy a redbox...still sounds bad, but better than the pill or the other garbage products out there... But the real reason to buy Sonos is to build an audio network. I have a 5 and 2 ones...I plan on getting another 5 and maybe some 3s, but the 1s are almost as good at the 3s for much less so probably not. You can take a 5 and play it horizontal for stereo or vertical with another 5 for stereo pair, but for now I have a 5 with two ones on top of the 5 and facing outward in my studio....THESE BLOW AWAY THE OLD NS-10s and BLOW AWAY GENELECS for the price for a home studio, No point in spending more....You can play something different on each one or pair 2 or pair 3 or how ever many you want....You can have a basic eq, and separate volumes for all... SOUND IS AMAZING!!! BUT IF YOU CAN AFFORD TO GET ONE OR TWO FOR EACH ROOM AND PAIR ALL YOU HAVE FULL HOME WIFI AUDIO!!!!! FRICKIN AMAZING!!!! I am unsure about the 3s....and the woofer is too expensive and is open and loose, ok for home theater but I got my Sonos system for music...same wit the bar, probably for home theater....I would get 5's and 1's and put them in as many rooms as possible and you will have one of the best sounding systems out there, maybe Macintosh will sound better, but has no networking features and Bose, and any bluetooth falls short on quality!!!!

The are hard, not cloth and easy to clean check ou my setup. Its really meant to be spread out in different rooms, but man this stuff sounds good!!! - Customer Reviews: Sonos PLAY:1 Compact Wireless Smart Speaker for Streaming Music (Black)


Walmart Review by Loulou :star::star::star::emptystar::emptystar:

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A disappointing purchase

For the Christmas holidays I received a pair of Sonos 1 speakers from my brother which he purchased from Best Buy. For his birthday I decided to purchase a Sonos speaker for his house from Walmart. When I received the item it had already been opened, the product box was in poor condition , and basically looked like it was an item that was returned and was now being resold. I don't think that this is an item that I would give anyone for their birthday. - Customer Reviews: Sonos PLAY:1 Compact Wireless Smart Speaker for Streaming Music (Black)


check out this youtube video

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