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  • 1000W 5.1channel 3D Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System
  • Built-in Wi-Fi: Stream Netflix, HuluPlus. Pandora & more
  • Full HD 1080p: Upscale standard DVDs to near HD quality
  • Wirelessly stream music from Bluetooth devices w/just one-touch
  • Full range bass reflex speaker system & 6.3" sub-woofer
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Amazon Review by Am-A-Zon-Shopper :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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Good Value for the $

I didn't go looking for the absolute BEST sounding surround system in the world, knowing I have a smaller-sized living room and didn't need a gazillion watts of output. So when I did my research and looked at pricing and reviews, I chose this particular Sony system. It was affordable, offered the WiFi I wanted for chrome casting, etc,the connections I wanted, and I was able to adjust the speaker "distance" and "volume" settings to maximize the speaker placements in the room. It sounds fantastic (the sub-woofer is very responsive but doesn't sound artificial or over emphasized. I can really enjoy that feeling of immersion into the environment of whatever I'm watching. I'd recommend this system (and have) to anyone with a viewing environment no further than 12 feet away or so, given the limits of its power output. Inside of that distance, it's totally great! - Customer Reviews: Sony BDV-E2100 - Home Theater System - 5.1 Channel


Walmart Review by beyedup :star::star::star::star::star:

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Very Nice Blu-ray Home Theater System!

I just purchased this product after upgrading to a LED TV and seeking a better sound than the stock TV speakers. After setting it up, which was very simple, I found that this product has so many options for customizing the sound, steam video and/or music. The UI is basically the same as the Sony PlayStation 3. Some feature are the digital FM tuner that allows 20 presets. Which allows this unit to double as a home stereo too. Speaker setup variations. Whether you want all front facing or side mounted speakers . And the ability to set the speaker depth range for an increased listening pleasure. You get the internet browser when hooked up on a WIFI network. Front facing USB port. It has different sound and EQ settings. These are just some of the many features this system has. Overall, this is a very great sounding system. It is definitely worth the $248 I paid for it. - Customer Reviews: Sony BDV-E2100 - Home Theater System - 5.1 Channel


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Sony BDV-E2100 Bluetooth 5.1 Surround Sound System Review


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