Sony MEXN5100BT Car Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth, NFC and App Remote Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐:halfstar:



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  • 55 watt x 4 Dynamic Reality Amp, Stream music wirelessly w/Bluetooth & NFC connection, 2-Zone, Dynamic Color Illuminator with Sound Synchronization, Advanced sound with EQ10, MEGA BASS
  • Bluetooth Auto Pairing for iPhone/iPod, Siri Control for hands-free control via your iOs device, USB supports MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV/FLAC playback, Works with Pandora, SiriusXM Satellite radio connector ready, SongPAL App for intuitive remote control
  • Front Aux and USB w/ High-Charge for iOs & other USB devices, 2-Volt front, rear, and sub RCA preamp outputs, Subwoofer direct connection capable, Digital Clarity Tuner with RDS, Steering wheel remote control input ready
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Walmart Review by Joker2003 :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

Awesome car stereo

The player itself is great, with lots of functions so that I can fine tune how the radio sounds. The Pandora application and Bluetooth connectivity works very well. The only issue I have had is the remote app for my phone makes the control of the stereo tricky. One example is that the apps settings page doesn't have the dim function (and the automatic dim function doesn't work in my vechicle). So if the app on my phone connects automatically at night, I have to fiddle with the phone to disconnect the app and then manually change the dim function and then reconnect the app. Minor but still kind of a pain. Other than the problems with the app, the stereo is great. - Customer Reviews: Sony MEXN5100BT Car Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth, NFC and App Remote


Amazon Review by Julian Harwood :star::star::star::star::star:

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Best head unit I have ever bought :-)

I waited 4 months for this to come over to the UK and I have finally installed it (the proper way straight to the battery) I don't use song pal or bluetooth and if I want to speak to someone I still pull over and answer my phone, so cant really comment on all the ancillaries and no I am not 50 years old I'm only 25 but I hate it when I call my friends and they use it so I just do it the old fashioned way. I have lestened to music through bluetooth which was very easy to set up but the quality isnt as good, so I stick to USB. Anyway this system is AWESOME I had already upgraded all my speakers 2 x Kenwood Components + 2 x Vibe Coaxials (all 6.5") and had gone through 3 head units with these speakers and as soon as I plugged this in and turned it up it was as if someone had replaced my whole sound system and sneaked a sub somewhere! It really was that good all my friends keep asking me when I installed a sub! If your thinking of getting one and have aftermarket speakers just do it. I can play this on full volume with the Mega Bass button on and it only distorts a very tiny bit, it can play at vol 45/50 all day long and the sound quality is amazing, you can even set the unit to favour the driver/passenger/front or rear of the car which actually makes the audio sound better. - Customer Reviews: Sony MEXN5100BT Car Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth, NFC and App Remote


thank you :+1:

Sony MEX-N5100BT Display and Controls Demo | Crutchfield Video


Best Buy Review by firstPC1984 :star::star::star::star::star:

Great unit - great price!!!

i installed an earlier version of this model in my 2006 Hummer H3 about three years ago. I wanted a bare bones head unit that I could use 90% with my ipod touch filled with my entire music library (broken - no screen) and 10% for radio. That earlier model DSX-100 delievered, big time and for $100 was a great deal. Im just pushing basic after market 6" speakers and it worked great for me until last month when the contacts between the face plate and the head unit finally wore out. Bummer.

Thinking I’m smarter than the average installer, I figured this newer model, sngle DIN entry level model Sony would be a direct-fit replacement - so I wouldn’t have to re wire, re install a new bracket, etc etc. Also, the blue tooth feature of the new model was a big plus simce I my cell phne is just a Blackberry 9900 Bold with Pandora, Tune-In radio and micromSD card for MP3s.

Unfortunately, while the wiring of this new model is the same (colors) as the old, the plug in the back of the unit is totally different. And so is the bracket. So I ended up having to rewire and re-install the head unit after all, which meant i probably might have found a cheaper, open box unit from some other brand with the same features and still spent the same amount of installation time. i’m not such a smarty after all.

But in the end, install only took an hour. This unit ROCKS. The new “position sensor” feature works excellent and sounds MUCH better than the older unit; Pandora streaming works great, too and you can skip, thumbs down/up, bookmark etc all through the faceplate. Strangely this new model cmes with a CD unlike the older one…huh? Do people still listen to etc? And: Where the old model kept my ipod hidden inside a tray within the unit, this new one has a front mounted USB port so you ipod cable will be exposed and you’ll need to find a new ipod storage spot. that’s not so cool. SEE PIC of old unit attached.

The bluetooth callng capability is a bonus. i really dont care about that but after seeing how well it works i’m glad i have it.

For anyone new to this model, you may at first be very frustrated by the seemingly byzantine controls/button setup. It only took me a few hours to figure it all out, though and along with the features/value/performance of this thing I am psyched to give this thing five stahs. - Customer Reviews: Sony MEXN5100BT Car Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth, NFC and App Remote