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  • Works with various Bluetooth enable devices, such as IOS (iPhone), Android, tablets, iPad, laptop, MP3 players, etc. This sound bar built in Bluetooth technology allows you to stream music from your Bluetooth enabled device. Listen to your favorite music or utilize the audio line input to play music from non-Bluetooth equipped devices.
  • It also features an USB socket to charge almost any device such as smart phones, tablet PC. A compact curvy design pumps out big sound perfect for any room. In a meanwhile, the USB socket can also use for normal music playing with a USB flash disk inserted. Enjoy harmonious moment and great music experience at home.
  • Support Bluetooth V4.1 with wireless working range of 33 feet. Great design for home and office, desktop PC, laptop, tablets, TV and smart phones, included in the box is the stereo system, AC power adapter, remote, warranty card and a user’s guide. You are having more freedom with the wireless remote which is included that runs on a CR2025 battery (pre-installed).
  • Upgrade your audio devices with Wotmic home sound bar. The perfect addition to any small to medium sizes of device, connects easily to your devices with just one cable, adds bass from your TV. Total harmonic distortion calculated as electrical measurement of amplifier distortion.
  • Wall mount or table stand design. There are hang up hole on the back of the sound bar and you can hang it upon the wall, save room space and decorate the empty blank wall. Easy to take it off and just make it stand on the table or when party needs.
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Amazon Review by Nikki Desrosiers :star::star::star::star::star:

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Clean, Crisp Sound with an Easy User Setup! Highly Recommended.

My husband and I have been looking for a sound bar of this size for sometime and when we came across the Wotmic, we decided to give it a shot based on it's specs, size and price range. We had looked at similar devices in store of various brand names and were dismayed to find that some were nearly two to three times the price of this one - even though they are of the same caliber performance wise.

We have been infinitely pleased with this product and how it performs. We have a large tv in our living room that is actually connected to a computer - so it serves as both our computer monitor and our viewing screen for media. We also use it to listen to music. The system has one small sub woofer speaker attached - which works great - but we were really looking for a long sound bar to place on the table beneath the tv to really pump out an even sound to all parts of the room. This product really did the trick.

The bar is super easy to hook up to most devices via bluetooth. I can for instance listen to music independently from my tv system simply by linking up to my phone and running one of my music apps like pandora. The bar hooks to a wide variety of bluetooth devices, pairs easily and keeps a strong connection during the pairing. If you have a smart TV you should be able to pair the speaker with that device via bluetooth - however, if you are looking to add this to your stereo system for your television it does have av hookups for non-bluetooth devices - which we really liked because it makes the product so versatile. We can go from putting the bar on our patio and using for playing music at an outdoor get together to sitting it in front of the television to improve the quality of sound for watching movies.

The product as a remote control that controls volume levels and can skip tracks and change the mode of progression. The remote works a significant distance from the device - which is convenient. We were also pleased that the manufacturer included the holes in the back of the bar that allow us to hang the product on the wall - we are eventually thinking of creating a surround sound effect with our speakers - and that will really help.

Overall, we could not be more pleased with this product - it really exceeded our expectations, especially for the price range. The sound from the bar is crisp, clean and has little to no distortion even on audio with high levels of bass. An excellent option for anyone looking for a bar speaker of this size. I highly recommend it. - Customer Reviews: Soundbar, Wotmic Home Speaker Bluetooth Sound Bar Wireless Speakers for TV Bluetooth Speakers Loud Speaker for House Party