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  • Type: top load
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Amazon Review by Sara Singer :star::star::star::star::star:

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HOT’ WATER: straight out of the tap and is not diluted by cold water as many new machines today
QUICK ‘CYCLE: A Heavy duty hot water cycle is just 30 minutes.
QUIET: Oh so quiet!!! It is almost hypnotic to listen to the soft whoosh. I’ live in a condo so having a quiet machine is important as the laundry closet is in the living room.
LARGE CAPACITY: easily washes four queen size sheets and eight pillowcases, plus pajamas, and other assorted clothes.
ADD’ WATER 'FEATURE : Becaue the government has placed water restrictions on all washers the water does not go all the way up to the top. But you can override this feature by the add water feature. ('make sure to watch so you don’t overfull washer)
SOAK: you can soak the clothes as long as you like according to the prescribed manner by Speedqueen. Water will not automatically let out after seven minutes as most new machines do
COMMERCIAL MACHINE: heavy duty commercial quality washer, same as the laundromats use
NO 'COMPUTER: No lid lock, no computer to malfunction, simple rotary dial.
STAYS 'IN 'BALANCE: machine NEVER goes out of balance even with bathroom rugs!!
CLEAN 'CLOTHES: Gets clothes really clean, and if you have grass or dirt it washes right out of the machine unlike some new machines.
XTRA Rinse Cycle:
CAN 'USE 'OXY-‘WASH: no new HE machine recommends OXY’WASH as it will destroy machine over time.
STAINLESS’ STEEL 'TUB: great feature.

You have to add water softner by hand if you use the extra rinse cycle.'Not a big deal.

I bought a Speedqueen 432. LOVE’ IT! LOVE ‘IT’! ‘LOVE ‘IT!! It has no computer, no lid lock, no automatic release of water if you try to soak the clothes in the manner prescribed by SpeedQueen. It has hot water right out of tap!’ Hot water is not diluted with cold. No 2 -3 hour wash cycle with the hot water as in the new style machines. QUICK cycles! Regular hot water cycle is still only 30 minutes!! You have to love Speed Queen for that. ‘the Speed Queen is only machine on the market where you can still get hot water out of your tap without it being diluted with cold due to the new government regulations). It works. That is all I ever wanted was a machine that get clothes clean and works.
Once again I must say LOVE’ IT!’ LOVE 'IT! 'LOVE 'IT!

Their technical department at Speed Queen Rocks! They really know their stuff. They are trained. (Whirlpool tech dept seems to have no training. You might as well pull a girl off the register at your local market for help.)

I’ have had this machine for three months now. I expect it to be reliable as the reviews by people on internet are fantastic. My friend’s aunt has hers for 20 years now and it is still running. However I will give updates as it ages.

You can buy it on Amazon. I bought it from a local Mom and Pop Appliance Store. Speedqueen does not sell to the Big Box Stores. I had to have someone lift it and place it for me so I had to buy from a local store with men to do this for me. It is a commercial washer with a 3 yr warranty. 5 yr on motor and 10 yr on transmission.

My best suggestion is to carefully research the unit you buy. The new government regulations have messed up what used to be a simple project-- to buy a washer that gets clothes clean and works without computer errors.

Nowadays you must ask for cycle lengths, water temperatures and pay very close attention to the reviews. If three people out of ten have a lid lock issue that is a 30% failure rate. Many machines get great reviews in Consumers Reports but then the actual reviewers out in the real world say the machines fail due to computer errors, or spins holes into their clothes, or in spite of all precautions their clothes smell like mold.

There are many real world reviews that say the water temperature for a hot water wash was really 60 degrees in the winter. If you have allergies and need a hot water cycle then do lots of research and get a certifed NSF’allergen cycle. But as I have read some machines say they have this cycle but don’t actually deliver in actuality…this includes LG and Samsung who have both have admitted problems in this area. LG’admits this was a problem and says it was fixed but recent reviews suggest otherwise. LG is a 3 hour hot water wash, Samsung is 2 hours, and Kenmore is 100 minutes. (this is supposedly green technology!) But whether you get the hot water is another story. People sticking a thermometer in the water are getting 60 degrees for a hot water wash. Computer errors abound this year in the land of washers.'Reviewers complain of computer errors and their clothes trapped in the washer until a repair person arrives.

Lots of unhappy washers out there right now thanks to the new government regulations for 2011.( if you are not one of them then thank your lucky stars).'From what I have read, if the company does not obey they don’t get their tax rebates. At this point there are too many problems with the washers this year so I went with the Speed Queen as it has no computer, a hot wash in just 30 minutes and my clothes will not smell like mold. How I wish someone had written this on a review so I could have purchased the Speed Queen first. There really is no comparison between the Speedqueen 432 and the Whirlpool WTW4800XQ. Speedqueen wins hands down. Whirlpool machine was such an ordeal breaking on the second wash load.
PLease read my review on Whirlpool if you are tempted to buy the whirlpool.

My Speed Queen has never had a problem. It works great. I still LOVE this machine.
There is no question that I would recommend this machine to everyone.

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