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  • 13 Keep Warm settings (100-120-140-160-180-190-210-230-250-280-300-350-390 degree F). Country of origin: China.
  • Dual functions: Cook and Warm. 7 power settings (100-300-500-700-900-1100-1300W).
  • Touch-sensitive panel with control lock. Up to 8 hours timer.
  • Micro-crystal ceramic plate. Automatic pan detection.
  • Box Dimensions: 16"Lx14"Wx4"H. Weight: 5lbs.
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Walmart Review by Elewpier5 :star::star::star::star::star:

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the next step into the future

I am quite impressed with this technology. I feel like I step into the future each time I use it.

I purchased it as a test to see if I’m ready for this technology in a new kitchen I’m planning. So far my test is going well and I’m glad I purchased it. I’m using it alongside my older cast-iron element electric range, and I find I gravitate to the Sunpentown instead. In summer I’m sure this will be very welcome since there is no heat leftover afterwards to overheat the kitchen.

Other reviewers have well discussed the type of cookware needed. Basically, if a magnet sticks to at least the bottom of the pot, you’re good to go.

The power rating of 1300 watts is more than adequate for all my needs so far. It will sear scallops with very high heat, and then cool instantly to just barely warm if you choose which eliminates the need to move the cookware to a cooler spot. Heat responds instantly to temperature or power increases, and slows down just as fast. No need to bother thinking about residual cooking time when switched off as you do with older style resistance burners. I have some cast iron pieces which seem to work even faster than the induction-purposed cookware. Both types work fine. Surprisingly, the cast iron handle on my 10" frypan did not get more than touchably warm since the heat concentrates to the bottom of the cookware.

I think the cook levels which are based on wattage and the temperature selections which sample the actual heat in the pot are a useful design. I tested the temperature settings with an electronic thermometer and the readings were accurate within a degree or two. Others have mentioned hearing a very faint clicking sound when in temperature mode, but this is normal. Cooking by temperature demands a different kind of thinking, but then most of us adapted to the microwave oven after a little practice. A fan inside keeps the circuitry cool, which I think is quiet enough. I don’t mind it, it’s just different.

I gave only four stars for durability only because with less than two weeks of use I don’t feel I can fully answer that yet, but will update in a few months. It seems well built for its purpose, the ceramic glass is beautifully made, the design is sleek and easy to clean, and is surprisingly lightweight but not too. The controls are logically positioned, easy to see and understand, and I like the overall design. - Customer Reviews: Sunpentown Home Indoor Kitchen 1300W Induction In Black Countertop


Amazon Review by Maureen :star::star::star::star::star:

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Quiet, reliable low setting, but power when I need it-excellent unit!

Knowing that I truly needed an extra burner in my kitchen but not wanting to waste my money, I took a lot of time researching before I settled on this burner. I didn't want a clumsy hot plate, but something that was efficient, stable, safe, with a low profile.

Delving into the realm of induction burners was an exciting but daunting step, although choosing induction was a no-brainer. As I read information and reviews I realized there was a lot to consider: wattage, how low was low, noise level, cook time allowances, and diameter of surface being truly magnetized. The main thing I need this for is stock-I make gallons and gallons of stock every week, in fairly large pots (Calphalon & LeCreuset primarily). With lots of kids in the house I didn’t want a surface, or unit, which was tipsy and likely to let my pots spill off. Stocks need to be simmered low and slow, so I need something that could maintain a true low simmer (boiling destroys proteins in the stock) and for an extended period of time, so I couldn’t use something that turned off automatically in a few hours time. And then there is the noise factor-I was reading reviews that mentioned that one needed to be prepared for the constant humming, often loud, of the unit. With 7 kids about, I certainly did not need any more noise!

After many hours spent considering first this, then another, and still more induction units, I settled on this one. I have to say that after only a few days, I am thrilled with my purchase! I have already made stock, and then soup with it. It did simmer low and slow, just like I needed, and was very quiet in the process. It is easy to set, easy to clean, and stable on my counter top. It rapidly brings my tea kettle to a boil. What’s not to love?! I think that for the price I really got my money’s worth! Should there be any problems I will surely update this review, but for now I am certainly well satisfied and would recommend this unit to anyone! - Customer Reviews: Sunpentown Home Indoor Kitchen 1300W Induction In Black Countertop


Best Buy Review by Bason :star::star::star::star::star:

Great for hotpot

This item works great for me. I enjoyed a wonderful hotpot with my friends without any problem! - Customer Reviews: Sunpentown Home Indoor Kitchen 1300W Induction In Black Countertop