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    :star::star::star::star::halfstar: by 1373 customers
    4.5 out of 5


  • Keeps your headphones out of sight & easy to reach.
  • Holds ultra-securely (same 3M adhesive GoPro uses).
  • Thick premium silicone construction + steel pin inner reinforcement (new)
  • Lessens cord clutter
  • Can hold two sets of headphones.
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Amazon Review by Tim O’BOYLE :star::star::star::star::star:

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An alternate placement.

I didn't really have room beneath my desk to hang a set of headphones ... so I just stuck it on the side of the desk (see photo). I can only hang one set of headphones, but that works for me.

The Anchor is high quality … it looks like it will be around for a good long time. The material is soft and flexible … so gentle on the headphones. The anchoring tape is really strong … it appears that it will stay put as long as I want it there.

This is a very useful item … really nice to get the headphones off of the desk! It would be perfect if you have a large desk with room to hang a set or two of headphones beneath the desktop … but even without that space I find The Anchor a good place to park my headphones on the side of my desk. - Customer Reviews: The Anchor - THE ORIGINAL Under-Desk Headphone Stand Mount


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