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3.6 out of 5
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    3.6 out of 5

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  • New, faster, portable, light, compact and very quiet
  • No hookup required
  • Important Directions: must unscrew motor locking brace from bottom of unit prior to use or it won’t work
  • 1750 RPM spin cycle
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Amazon Review by Louie the Italian Jew :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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1600rpm vs. 3200rpm.

This spin dryer does perform some drying for clothes that come out of a regular washer with the spin cycle, but not as much as I liked. I felt that this would help some in making their decision. On the other hand, I'd like to praise The Laundry-Alternative's more expensive spin dryer Centrifugal Clothes Portable Spin Dryer which extracts A LOT OF water while the spinner spins twice as fast at 3200 instead of 1600rpm (maybe 6 ounces for 3 minutes, while the smaller machine may remove about an ounce for the same amount of clothes). Personally, I was looking for a review of someone who used a regular washer and spin dried their clothes with this, but there weren't any reviews. My review may get a lot of negative feedback, but will save a couple of people money, and that's why I write reviews in the first place. Also, you may find that the prices may be less buying directly through The Laundry-Alternative. Hope this helps someone. 3 stars for my purpose and 5 stars for people who own a Wonderwasher gives a fair average of 4 stars. Please let me know if this was a helpful review. - Customer Reviews: The Laundry Alternative Mini Portable Countertop Spin Dryer


Walmart Review by Donald :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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Great extractor

Great unit. Purchased one of these years ago from Laundry Alternatives. Unit worked just as expected and better. Had a front loading high efficiency washer with a high spin rate, thought it spun out the water from the clothing really good, but then put the laundry thru this little machine and it really spun out of water, you could just see the water come out of the load. Really cut down on the dryer time and cut the line drying time of jeans in half. Used for about 7 years until we moved cross country and got broken in the moving truck, but will be ordering another one very soon. - Customer Reviews: The Laundry Alternative Mini Portable Countertop Spin Dryer


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