TP-Link N150 Wireless Wi-Fi Mini Router with Range Extender/Access Point/TV Adapter Modes (TL-WR710N) Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐:emptystar:



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  • Multifunctional USB Port for File Sharing and Phone Charging
  • Router, Repeater, Client, AP, Bridge Modes for Different Networking Demands
  • Built-in Power Adapter- No Bulky Power Adapter Needed
  • Portable and Compact-Ideal for Home and Travel Use
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Walmart Review by BrutalSoul :star::star::star::star::star:

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Works exactly the way I wanted

I bought this mini router after I bought a Belkin wireless extender. So when that one didn't work at all, I had low hopes that any one would. But where the Belkin under-performs, the TP-Link excels. I used it as a wireless range extender first and it did the job. Now I'm using it as an access point and I swear it actually has better connection than my primary router does.

I have not used it as a media streamer yet but if it works the way it says it does, this product is more than worth it. - Customer Reviews: TP-Link N150 Wireless Wi-Fi Mini Router with Range Extender/Access Point/TV Adapter Modes (TL-WR710N)


Amazon Review by Ginny :star::star::star::emptystar::emptystar:

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It works, but it's not fully developed yet. (read this BEFORE you hit the road!!!)

I was excited to find this product when I was looking for a solution to using my Chromecast in hotels while on the road. It also shows promise as a solution when abroad where wifi is usually $$$, and I can use it to connect several devices to one paid connection.

After a couple trips with it (and a lot of patience), it seems to be a fairly solid and reliable device. HOWEVER (and this is a very big caveat), the firmware is VERY VERY buggy and has a lot of quirks that prevent this from being easy to use or setup.

As a traditional router or AP connected to a wired internet or LAN connection, it is fairly straightforward and easy to setup.

However, if you plan to use WISP mode (probably the most useful mode for travelers) or repeater mode: BRING AN ETHERNET CABLE AND LAPTOP WITH YOU!!! EVERY TRIP. In these modes (especially WISP mode), this device cannot be reliably configured over its own wifi network. Any hiccup or misconfiguration will render the wifi radio useless and you will have to physically connect to fix the device, reboot it, and get the wifi radio working again.

In WISP mode, wifi will not reliably work until you connect to the hotel wifi, get an IP address from the DHCP server, and login past the hotel’s gateway login page to gain full access to the internet (which sometimes changes your IP address once you’re authenticated). Once you are up and running, you can unplug your laptop and use the wifi, connect your tablet, your cell phone, use your Chromecast all day long. But if you unplug the power, change wifi networks, or change the configuration, you have to physically connect again.

The two main keys: 1. If the wifi radio is acting funky, reboot it from the internal configuration page (unplugging it won’t always work). 2. If you unplug it from the wall, you may have to renew your DHCP IP address from the internal configuration page before the wifi radio will work.

Hopefully this review will save some people from pulling their hair out like I did. A solid device once you get it working; if TP-LINK would fix the firmware, I would give it 5-stars! - Customer Reviews: TP-Link N150 Wireless Wi-Fi Mini Router with Range Extender/Access Point/TV Adapter Modes (TL-WR710N)



TP-LINK TL-WR710N Portable Handheld Router Network Access Point / Client Review