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    4.3 out of 5


  • Great for Outdoors and Shower.The silicone cases and interface design ensure Shockproof, Dustproof ,level up to IPX4, can be used for shower or outdoor (DO NOT immerse it into water)
  • Impressive & Friendly Design. Equipped with detachable suction and aluminum alloy metal hook, it is convenient to hang and attach it to anywhere.
  • Support A2DP and built with a 5W speaker. It can streams incredible stereo sound with full range output, crystal clear sound.
  • Built-in MIC Bluetooth speaker and Hands-free function. so you can pick up a phone call via this mini speaker in car, bathroom, at home and office, anywhere as long as the speaker is connect to your smartphone.
  • Built in rechargeable battery, supports up to 6 hours playing time at the volume to 70% of the maximum volume
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Great when it worked.

I had it for a week. It was great when it worked. Music had little distortion unless water got in, then it would quickly vibrate the water out and it will continue working as normal. The sound was also very loud and I was able to hear it over my loud hair dryer. I do have a few complaints about the device. For the one week I've used it is that it is easy to hit the button on the opposite side when you are pressing a button as when you grip, your fingers are on opposite sides and so are the buttons. That was a bit of an annoyance. Also it says Power On, Power Off and gives the connected notification at max volume no matter what you sent the volume to, so that was really annoying to. Overall it was all fun until today one week later when it broke.

I seemed to have developed a leak inside and caused the speaker to malfunction. I first noticed an issue where it got hit with a weak stream of water from my sink faucet (it was half on) and it just said Power Off and when I tried to turn it back on again (holding the power button down for a few seconds at a time) it would say Power On, but would not actually turn on. I shook some water out of it and it powered on correctly. At night I had some issues getting it on again even though it was dry. I tried to turn it on several times and did manage. I started playing some music. The minute I stepped in the shower, stuck it to my wall, and my shower head hit it with an indirect spray, it went into pairing mode without me touching anything. I tried to turn it off which it did after saying Power Off, but wouldn’t turn on again. Then the red charging LED just never went out even though the speaker isn’t plugged in. I did manage to turn it on once at around midnight right before I went to sleep as a last ditch test and to my surprise it did. When I wanted to use it again this morning it didn’t again. The red charging LED is still lit. It was lit through the night. I contacted the company. If they replace my speaker free of charge, I will update my review.

Update 6-17-2015: The sellers website says you’ll hear back from them in 24 hours. It has been 3 days and not a response. The broken speaker is going back to Amazon and I already got a refund from Amazon. I recommend you stay away from this company. Not only do they make false claims about their products, they also don’t stand by their customer service guarantee. They just totally ignore you. Please do not buy!

Update 10-11-2015: The manufacturer after months finally got back to me and claimed they never got the email I sent through their website (yeah very great customer service). They insisted in sending me a new one for free which I gladly accepted. So how is the new one? Well obviously I’m not stupid enough to run this under a shower again. I don’t need to anyways since I had so much better time using the SoundBot SB517FM FM RADIO Bluetooth Speaker which is 3 watts and somehow way louder than this 5 watt speaker, and so far after months of use, is still working strong even after being completely submerged several times, and works about 3x the time on a single charge than this dumb speaker from VicTsing. Please still stay away from this product. - Customer Reviews: VicTsing Shower Speaker, Wireless Waterproof Speaker with 5W Driver, Suction Cup, Built-in Mic, Hands-Free Speakerphone - Army Green


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