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  • Enter the world of virtual reality with the View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack
  • This kid-friendly device will surround you with stunning 360-degree environments so you feel as if you are really there
  • Download one of the View-Master VR apps to your smartphone
  • Then slide your smartphone into the viewer, look at the Preview Reel and simply click the lever to launch yourself into 360-degree immersive experiences
  • The Preview Reel included with the View-Master VR Starter Pack allows you to demo available apps so you can try all Experience Packs
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Amazon Review by Robert Cain :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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Far better than any other viewer I've tried

Here are some pros and cons I've found using it with my Galaxy S6.


  • Very well constructed. Far better than any other viewer I’ve tried. Looks to be extremely durable.

  • On the S6 the FOV width is approximately 98% of the display.

  • The AR demo is very impressive. It uses the phone’s camera to get background through a neutral front that should be open to where I’ve seen the camera pacement on most phones. When I say impressive I do not mean content. That is primitive and just puts a little AR scene on the top of the disk that comes with it when you view it close up. Great potential, though, and background is as good as the camera is.

  • The Android VR (Cardboard) Tuscany Drive app is beautiful in it but that is largely a function of the phone (the S6 isn’t powerful enough for smooth motion.)

  • Insertion of the phone into it is sweet and they’ve provided a very robust yet very manageable mechanism to hold and release the phone. It won’t move once you’ve inserted it. I’ve seen nothing as good.

  • Access to the phone is easy and opens with it held firmly in place if you want normal interaction with the phone. A weak point of the design is the latch. While easy enough to use it looks and feels more than a bit fragile.

  • Excellent access to S6 side buttons when inserted.

  • The black shroud that meets the face is soft rubber.

  • The lever works very well as the Cardboard’s magnet pull or a screen touch.


  • The view window is circular and you can’t see nearly as close to the top and bottom of the display as you can the left and right edges.

  • Can’t access USB for charging (or OTG storage.) But that may be hackable with sharp tools.

  • Can’t get to the headphone port without some hacking either but good Bluetooth headphones are now pretty cheap. I will be using Bluetooth for a game controller, however, and don’t know if the S6 can have two devices paired.

  • Cannot be used with glasses that have an outside width of greater than 130mm. Most normal glasses are wider than that.

  • There are no optics adjustments at all. It happens to match my IPD well but YMMV. Having no focal plane adjustment will require people who are far sighted to find appropriate strength reading glasses with a width less than 130mm. I have plastic lenses in my eye with a fixed focus at infinity. The image plane is not at infinity so I need to find something suitable to get things in focus. It wouldn’t be hard to place correction lenses on the interior of it and I hope Mattel will consider that.

  • The black rubber shroud is a bit wider than most people’s heads will be but being soft it isn’t too hard to close it up to fully isolate from ambient light with mild inward pressure from your hands if you hold it with both of them.

  • Being of robust construction it is a bit on the heavy side but not objectionable to me. I just tried taping it to the bill of a baseball cap and such adaption should work fine to make it hands free. I’m going to try a magnetic cap mount. Sugru should bond well to the plastic they used.

  • The instructions that come with it are useless. They say to “Download and Launch an Experience Pack App” by which they mean to say any of the Mattel apps you can find in the Android Play Store but searching on “Experience Pack App” gives you nothing relevant. Better instructions are needed also on how to use their apps.

Well, now off to try some of the other Android VR (Cardboard) apps and content (after I find a way to correct for my eyes.) I’m particularly intrested in the SBS YouTube and Street View apps.

If I come up with more I’ll add it in comments to this. My overall take: a steal at $30 and head and shoulders better than any other Android VR HMD devices I’ve tried which is more than a few. To be fair I haven’t tried the Homido or other plastic HMD’s in its class. - Customer Reviews: View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack


Here is a nice video

[Review] View Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack DLL68


Walmart Review by Spooker15 :star::star::star::star::star:

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AWESOME educational toy!

NOT my childhood view master! SO much better! Although I had trouble getting it to work initially, with my husband's help we finally figured it out. The instructions that come with it are minimal. Then I discovered I'd mis-read something and the key to the whole thing is the PASS CARD! I'm not very tech savvy so it took me a while to get it to work. I'm passing along the whole PASS CARD thing to anyone else who might have difficulty getting started.

Once I got the View Master to work, I was AMAZED! 3D images; information pop-ups, movies and it really is 360 degrees. I sat in a swivel chair and went around and around. My 10 year old grandson wouldn’t put it down! His favorite was the SPACE experience pack. He is a picky kid so for him to enjoy it so much tells me it’s a great toy and also educational. Honestly, for the price, it is a steal! Currently there are 3 experience packs to go along with the basic starter real. Space, Destination (travel related) and Nature. I hope they will make more experience packs in the future because if they do, I’ll DEFINITELY purchase them! - Customer Reviews: View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack


@liesbeth really appreciate your help