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  • Parrott Button can be programmed with the Blue Parrott smartphone app. (iOS and Android).
  • Unrivalled HD Voice call quality with 96% noise-canceling performance.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) for easy, instant pairing. Talk for 24 hours, and charge via micro USB.
  • Use with two cell phones or a phone and PC at the same time. Durable all-day comfort.
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Amazon Review by Matt Smith :star::star::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar:

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Don't bother with this new version - stick with the B250 instead

I gave this new model a try after buying a replacement B250XT and having it be too quiet. I liked the micro USB charging and the other features looked like they might be useful as well.

Unfortunately, they’ve really dropped the ball on this new unit and it’s going back.


  1. It turns on/off/pairs with my phone in less than half the time of the B250 (~2 seconds instead of ~5)
  2. Sound quality is very good with deep rich tones that make it feel like you’re listening to music instead of a phone conversation
  3. USB Micro charging port means that i don’t have to keep a separate charger around for this unit which is nice


  1. Foam microphone cover fell off very easily multiple times
  2. Earpiece cover also falls off all the time, multiple times
  3. The boom mic is between the ear piece and the main part of the unit instead of outside the unit like the B250. This makes it a hassle to flip up after calls and flip back down when a call comes in because it always hits my glasses or hat or whatever. You also have to fish it out with your fingers from between the headband and your head. The B250 model was a simple one hand, one motion push the answer button and flip the boom down to your mouth and talk. This is not possible with the B350
  4. The buttons are too close together and too “flat” so you can’t feel the difference between volume down, up and answer/cancel buttons without running your finger up/down the side a couple times to “see” where you are and know what button to press. The B250 had buttons that were much taller, different size and spaced apart far enough that it was very easy to feel which button you were on.
  5. The fancy British woman who replaced the high/low or low/high beeps seems like a good idea until you actually use it. The voice is always quiet - it does not get louder/softer with the volume settings (or if it does, it’s so much quieter than the phone call that it’s not noticeable). This is fine sitting in a quiet room, but when your in a car, you can barely hear (not to mention even understand) what she’s saying which makes it confusing. In the B250 the Low then High tones when powering on, single High tone when connected to the phone and High then Low tone when powering off were always able to be heard, took much less time than listening to the woman say “Your Headset is Connected” or “Power On”.

I never made it far enough (just over 1 week) to test out the fancy new button that you can program to do various things or see how the battery life was. If it can’t do the basic phone functions of easily answering and making phone calls, the rest of the features don’t matter in my opinion.

Amazon.com - Customer Reviews: VXi B350-XT 203475 BlueParrott Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset


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VXi BlueParrott B350-XT Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headset Review


Walmart Review by Tuckerbob :star::star::star::star::star:

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it's a blueparrot

This is a blueparrot. It works flawless with my Galaxy s5 active. Comfortable for all day use. You can even cut your grass while on the phone. Being a trucker I need a great quality noise canceling blue tooth and this is it. It is better then the 250 xt I had before.

Walmart.com - Customer Reviews: VXi B350-XT 203475 BlueParrott Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset


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