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  • Avanti WDB101 Mounting Bracket
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Amazon Review by Love Keeping it Simple :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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"off label" use for Haier products

I purchased this stand to hold my Haier portable washer (HLP21N0 and new Haier portable dryer (HLP140E). On the whole, I agree with the other reviews about this product being durable, sturdier than it looks, and easy to install. I wanted to say a few words about the limitations of this particular set-up when used with Haier products, instead of Avanti appliances - and I realize it was created to work with the Avanti products, so this is about "off label" use, in a sense.

Firstly, know that the Haier dryer’s width fits on this shelf, BUT it is a perfect fit - almost too perfect. There is about an inch on either side in terms of the length, but the front of the dryer, where the door is, doesn’t have a whole lot of clearance. I am making it work - but when opening/closing the door, I am ALWAYS certain to put my right hand against the dryer so I don’t inadvertently put pressure on it and risk pulling it off the shelf. Not that this would be easy to do - but over time, I imagine it might be a risk, and I am conscious of it. I’ve used cable ties beneath to secure it to the shelf grates - - it seems the Avanti dryer has screw-on “feet” which you can thread through the shelf grates and make it more secure. The Haier dryer does not - so I strongly recommend using something to provide added security so that you have no risk of pulling the dryer off the shelf. I do recommend using the wall brackets to secure the entire set-up to the studs of your house.

Also, this is a very minor point - but that label that says “Avanti Laundry Center” can totally be peeled off :slight_smile: If the aesthetics are important to you, thought I’d mention it.

Amazon.com - Customer Reviews: Washer / Dryer Laundry Tower


Walmart Review by KellysFriend :star::star::star::star::star:

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Nice dryer rack

If you buy the dryer to go with the washer the dryer rack is a must, in my opinion. Where else would I put the dryer? It was very low to the ground, too much bending, and space is scarce in my apartment. The construction is good. It fit together well. The only issue is when the dryer is running the rack sways side-to-side. That is easily taken care of by installing the brackets that come with it to studs in the wall behind the washer/dryer setup. We put ours in the bathroom and installed a diverter to the shower head so we could attach the cold inlet hose to the washer permanently and ran the hose across the top of the shower door encasement down the back to the washer. There was enough room next to the dryer to put a power strip with surge protection next to the dryer. The dryer is attached to the mounting bracket by the feet. I placed an arrow pointing to the feet. I turn the exhaust fan on and put a fan blowing into the bathroom when the dryer is going. Beats going to the laundry room.

Walmart.com - Customer Reviews: Washer / Dryer Laundry Tower


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