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  • Xerox Documate 6440 Sheetfed Scanner - 600 Dpi Optical - 24-bit Color - 8-bit Grayscale - 60 - 60 - Duplex Scanning - Usb
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Not there yet, but VRS certification could make this scanner useful.

Pros: lightweight and small footprint / low cost / 3 year warranty currently Cons: NOT usb 3.0 / Acuity software is useless

I bought my Xerox DM 6440 directly from the Xerox/Visioneer after speaking to someone at inside sales regarding clarification of some features. The white sheet for this product says that it is USB 3.0 compatible. Inside sales told me that it transmits at 3.0 speeds.

After receiving the scanner and running a USB device tree viewer, I called technical support at visioneer (they make the xerox scanners) and they confirmed that this scanner is not capable of transmitting at USB 3 speeds - the drivers, included usb cord and scanner hardware do not permit this currently. Somehow Fujitsu has figured this out on the fi-7160. Basically Xerox/Visioneer marketing saying the scanner is usb 3 compatible equates to saying that you can plug it into your usb 3 port and it will work…at slower speeds. {Hey, this wireless keyboard I am typing this review on is USB 3 compatible too!! awesome!} Please just drop the mention of the usb 3 compatibility feature from your marketing. the computer’s usb 3 port makes it backwards compatible. this has nothing to do with the scanner itself.

My main issue is with the DM 6440 is a program called Acuity. Xerox/Visioneer sent me a pdf comparing Acuity to Kofax VRS and Paperstream. They are not comparable; not even close. I tested by scanning a batch of patient files and CMS forms using a base of: sPDF, 300dpi, color, skip blank originals.

DM 6440 with Acuity (maxed out settings)= The scans with this machine using Acuity were not good.
DM 3640 with VRS pro (maxed out settings) = The same document scanned with a much older Xerox DM3640 using VRS were great.
DM 3640 WITHOUT vrs = Same document on the older xerox 3640 WITHOUT vrs was about the same as the DM6440 with Acuity.

Ok, Kofax wins there, but the DM 6440 and the very old 3640 seem fairly comparable.

DM 6440 WITHOUT Acuity = I then uninstalled Acutity from my pc and the DM 6440 actually produced a better version of that same document . I find that very strange. The scan from the DM6440 without Acuity was better than the older 3640 without vrs, but still nowhere close to the old DM3640 with vrs. to me, this means that the DM6440 is capable of better image capture than the older DM3640, but I would kind of expect that as it is about 7 years newer. VRS makes that much of a difference.

The DM 6440 scanner has not been certified by Kofax as of yet (9-Sep-16), so maybe things will change when you can use VRS software with it.

My DM6440 was returned to Xerox/Visioneer and we bought the Kodak i2620 (waiting for its arrival). Kodak has better warranty (3yr) than Fujitsu and you can buy replacement parts from resellers on kodak machines, whereas fujitsu parts can only be purchased from the manufacturer. also, my desktop license for VRS will work with the Kodak i2620 but not the i2820, which requires a much more expensive workgroup license.Xerox XDM6440-U DOCUMATE 6440 60 PPM DUPLEX COLOR ADF SCANNER

Bottom line: I scan so that I can have usable archives of documents. At this time, this scanner (and bundled software) just don’t allow us to do that. - Customer Reviews: Xerox XDM6440-U DOCUMATE 6440 60 PPM DUPLEX COLOR ADF SCANNER


@marko I recommend to buy