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  • Dual Extruders-da Vinci 2.0 Duo features two extruders allowing you to create multi-color projects
  • 2014 CES Editors Choice Award Winner - Most Affordable 3D Printer
  • Largest 359 cubic inch build volume - 7.8x7.8x5.9" (20 cm x 20 cm x 15 cm)
  • The da Vinci 2.0 prints in two materials ABS and PLA
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Amazon Review by Adrian Sebborn :star::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar::emptystar:

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A brilliant product marred by the latest firmware releases

A brilliant product marred by the latest firmware releases. The company have set this to Brick itself if it detects a refilled or reused cartridge. It will do this without warning and with no say on your behalf. The fact that a company would chose to sabotage a machine because I chose to use a different supplier I find arrogant and self-serving. It would be like HP, EPSON, BROTHER or CANON putting your printer into self destruct because you chose to use a generic ink cartridge.

This is one of the best 3D printers on the market but I see law suits on the horizon. Had I known this up front I would have chosen a different manufacturer. - Customer Reviews: XYZprinting da Vinci 2.0 Duo 3D Printer, Blue


Best Buy Review by ATVGUY :star::star::star::star::star:

So much better than I expected

For the price I paid I was expecting a printer that would "do the job", but what I got was a 3D printer that has surprised me. There are complaints and star reduction concerning the fact that this printer uses cartridge based proprietary filament. However, this is never hidden and most purchased the printer knowing this limitation, yet lower the review because of it. Filament is 600 g instead of 1K, but is usually cheaper. Again never hidden. Benefit of the cart filament is...more consistency, internal storage, tested with your model of printer, easy install, I believe they also have moisture packs in them (saw on video, but have not confirmed).

Software is fine for beginning software, and has much of what someone needs to get started. It actually provides very good prints. You don’t get a lot of options, but since this printer seems to be tweeted to work well without much need for this. I personally purchased Simplify3D because I do like the extra control and features though.

Also some complain about customer service, and I assume is probably as bad as stated, but I can’t speak to this as I have not had to use them yet, and hope I never do. However, some are complaining that if there is an item covered under warranty they expect XYZ to pay for shipping to them. I admit that would be nice, but MOST companies are the exact same and require you, the customer, to pay for shipping to and the company pays for shipping back. Also, this is spelled out in their warranty information, and is never hidden from the consumer.

With that said, I have about 100 hours on it, and so far enjoying it. It provides great prints, at a great price. If I ever have to use customer service I might change my tune, but for now it is one of my all time favorite purchases. Make sure you read between the lines on the negative review. Some are justified, but others giving low review for things they should have known before the purchase with minimal research. - Customer Reviews: XYZprinting da Vinci 2.0 Duo 3D Printer, Blue


here is a nice youtube video

XYZprinting Da Vinci 2.0 Duo 3D Printer Review