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  • Advanced circuitry design
  • Bluetooth for connectivity to streaming music services
  • 40-Station FM/AM preset tuning
  • Simple and sophisticated design
  • Speaker selector and speaker terminals for two systems
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Amazon Review by srptopdog :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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Excellent, But I Returned It...

I have been a pro musician all of my life and have owned and still use a variety of high quality recording gear. It was time to simplify my setup for the benefit of others. Although my setup sounded great, it was too confusing for friends and family to use with my separate power and mixing console, etc. The solution was to buy a self contained stereo receiver that was easy for everyone to use. Being on a budget, and having owned a myriad of Yamaha instruments and audio gear over the years, I felt confident in buying this receiver without hearing it first.

The bang for the buck is great, and this could easily be a five star rating. I will avoid commenting on specs, etc., as those can be easily compared at anyone’s leisure. The Bluetooth feature is very nice, as I am often streaming songs my band is covering and learning from my phone or iPad and it sure is convenient to connect wirelessly, and the sound is great, btw. Even better than a wired connection. Build quality is excellent. It’s a fine device, no question.

Despite the many reasons for liking this receiver I returned it after several weeks of daily listening. Bottom line, in my opinion, I did not like the audio quality. Although it can produce more than enough volume to fill my 12’ x 18’ listening space, there was a lack of fullness and warmth to the sound. True, this receiver is certainly at entry level pricing, but my primary need was to obtain the best sounding 2-channel unit within my budget.

I have ordered the Onkyo TX-8020, which I believe will be a better sounding receiver for my needs. Although the Onkyo lacks Bluetooth, it does offer a separate subwoofer output (which is something I might add down the road), and has a built in phono preamp input, eliminating the need to purchase a separate turntable preamp should I have kept the Yamaha, as I own LPs.

A comment about wattage. The Yamaha claims 100w /channel, while the Onkyo, only 50w /channel. Power amp designs vary widely, as do power amp ratings and and measurements. For example, the guitar player in my classic rock band plays a 15 watt amp, and at a loud concert may get turned up to 3, with lots of headroom to spare. Google the subject if you’re interested in learning more. I should mention that speakers vary widely in design and performance too, and it’s possible the Yamaha will come alive and sound to my taste with other speakers.

I believe many people will really enjoy the Yamaha BL202. It’s a fine receiver. Bottom line, if YOU like it, that’s all that matters.

I will amend this review soon after I receive the Onkyo.

UPDATE 6-28-16: I received the Onkyo TX-8020. I like the amplifier better. To my ears, the bass is tighter, more defined and warmer. Mids and highs seem smoother, and the soundstage in well defined and natural. The overall sound is “fuller.” Sound is subjective, and in the end your ears decide what you like to hear. The Yamaha sounded great too. Although I don’t have Bluetooth with the Onkto, I can stream YouTube and my internet radio stations from my phone or iPad to my Roku player, which is connected to the Onkyo, so I will have somewhat similar wireless capability. There is a wireless add-on accessory to connect an IPad , iPod or iPhone that I may consider.

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Best Buy Review by Victor :star::star::star::star::star:

2CH Yamaha Receiver

Amazing stereo receiver, simple to use and it does deliver very natural sound to the music that you play thru using this receiver, it comes with built in Blutooth which makes it convenient to stream music using your phone or any blutooth enabled device. you can connect 2 set's of speakers if you like or use it to connect a Sub-woofer using the speaker level inputs on the SUB. i am very happy with this Yamaha receiver, it works flawlessly and the sound is truly awesome.

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