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  • The Best sounding and listening smartphone with hifi audio - highest Quality sound reproduction and amplification of music/video playback and record.
  • Optimized Camera experience takes great still images and video with minimal manual operation - larger Camera, 20 MP rear and 8 MP Front facing cameras, for higher Quality images
  • Fingerprint customization - launching apps, taking pictures, for security and to launch other application
  • Beautiful Industrial design with continuous smooth Surface that feels great in your hands
  • 3250 mAh battery with Qualcomm quick charge 3.0, Expandable memory Android M (6.0.1), Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor
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Amazon Review by Mr.Mom :star::star::star::star::emptystar:

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2016's Affordable Premium smartphone

After playing around with it last few hours here are my initial impressions of the ZTE Axon 7 ( i put in a 64gb mircoSD card in it)
  • It comes in a medium sized box containing quite a few things (Clear plastic case,earbuds,removal tool)
    -remember the Axon 7 charges via USB Type C instead of micro USB. (ZTE provides an additional addon adapter for micro usb users besides the 3.0 certified charger)

  • After putting in a TMo sim card ,i did notice…the processor (820) was quick & snappy.
    It flowed quite easily even when i was downloading all my apps onto it…though it did get a tad bit warm.

-Now looks wise…its a sexy smartphone. Metal body with a gold tinge to it…fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone.
Looks very high end.
(Btw…it also lets you add in a pin or pattern code just in case your fingerprints dont work.)

  • For those complaining of Brightness issues…you can tweek that in settings…uncheck automatic and adjust it yourself. It has a 5.5-inch, 2540 x 1400 display. Very color-accurate.

-It has dual front end speakers ( for you HiFi audiophiles. The Axon 7 sports dual Hi-Fi audio chips) i tried out a few Youtube videos…and yes its quite clear & loud. ( I haven’t had time to test the headphone jack or give it a real music test…but so far it sounds better than my old +1)

Performance wise:
The 820 processor was excellent. i downloaded a few games (Lunar mission,Mortal Kombat X,Pacman,SSg3) Everything went very smooth…not stutter nor a glitch.
Played a few YouTube videos…watched Kodi for 2 hours straight…and it didn’t even get warm.

It comes with a 20 mp camera on the back…8mp on the front.
Since it was dark & rainy today…i only took a few shots where it seems it struggles a little in lowlight situations. ( im testing out a camera app (Snap Camera) to see if it improves this in the next few days)
Heres a few pictures though as you see…not bad at all.
Pretty good but not great

Battery wise…so far it’s not bad after solid use for 3 hrs it dropped to 70%, which isn’t bad…nor great. Once i cycle through it a few times…i’ll know more about it.( if any major issues ill post it up)

It comes with 4gb RAM & 64gb with an added slot for either additional memory (i used a 64gb microSd card to pump it up to 128gb) or an additional sim card for those who travel alot ( or you shady MoFos who use two #s)
This one thing by itself made me choose the ZTE Axon 7 over the OPO +3…additional memory comes in handy when taking hi quality pictures or 4k video (which yes this phone can do ).

Being a parent of two young kids,you definitely don’t need to start running out of memory quick on any phone.

Sorry Oneplus…but this was a big mistake on your part.

Overall :
Im giving it a 4.25/5 stars (can’t with this rating system) without really testing headphone audio & the camera (in better weather)…so it might improve or stay as is.

It’s a solid smartphone…looks great…works great…sounds (so far) awesome.

It’s a feature rich smartphone which will improve with software updates
You can’t go wrong for 400 bucks…

and yes this phone just took OPO’s Flagship Killer title away from it…

It just earned it…

btw here are default apps im using …just in case anyone wants to know.

Launcher- i used the “stock android” one it comes with…why you ask?
It lets me have an app drawer which the MiFavor does not.
(it comes with 2 choices (Stock Android + MiFavor)
Dialer - DW Dailer/Truecaller (DW Dailer is great for those who drive alot…Big icons/TrueCaller to see who’s calling you.)
Gallery- ToolWiz photos
Music- BlackPlayer ( but i’ll test out the default one as well in the next few days)
Video (update: watching videos i use VLC/Snap camera’s video to record video)
Camera- Snap Camera
Browser- Chrome
Email- Inbox

Update (8-21)
Here’s a solution to a popular problem for those of you who have the ZTE Axon 7.
How to save my pictures & videos on my SD Card

  1. Open the Camera app.
  2. press the settings option in the upper left corner
  3. press “save location”
  4. Press “saving location setting”
  5. select SD card.
    Now you can save your pictures & video on your MicroSD Card. (i’ve seen this as a major issue with a few people)

Now that it’s been almost a month since i’ve had this phone…here’s a few more impressions about it.(and i added 2 more pictures & 1 screenshot)
Camera- Snap Camera works incredible with this phone,though not on that top tier of smartphone cameras…this app lets you take advantage of the 20mp camera.
Will every picture look great? No but it does a great job nonetheless

Video - I’ve tried out Snap Cameras video app to record video, it’s decent.
VLC though with the Dolby sound …works great in downloaded videos.

-I’ve had no glitches with this phone at all…Just getting a great screen cover is my only issue (Tried skinomi. Hated it…kept bubbling up)
-Id suggest everyone buy a spare usb C charger …heres what i got.
AUKEY PA-T9 USB Wall Charger with Quick Charge 3.0 for Galaxy S7/S6/Edge, Nexus 6p, LG G5 (Qualcomm Certified)
USB Type C Cable, Skyocean Type C to USB 3.0 3.3Ft/1M Braided Cable for Nexus 6P, 5X, OnePlus 2, Nokia N1 Tablet and Other USB type C Devices with a Free cable organizer

Spending an extra 20 bucks for a spare was worthwhile if i lost my original ZTE charger & cord…i use these at my house.

If any other questions…feel free to ask.

Amazon.com - Customer Reviews: ZTE Axon 7 unlocked smartphone,64GB Grey (US Warranty)


Best Buy Review by ewctcu :star::star::star::star::star:

Excellent phone at a great price

This phone came with flagship level specs (snapdragon 820, 4gb ram, 64 gb of memory, 5.5" screen) for the cost of a mid-range handset. It performs incredibly well. Apps open without delay, switching between apps doesn't cause any issues, and the camera is quite fast. I also really like the design - as phones move to smaller and smaller bezels, it is remarkable to me how large the screen is relative to the size of the phone. It is easy to use one-handed, and fits in the pocket well. With a screen that is the same size as an iphone 7 plus, the physical size of the phone is significantly smaller.

On the camera - it works well and takes nice pictures overall, though it’s performance in the dark isn’t as strong as some higher end phones.

The fingerprint scanner is fast and accurate - the only time I’ve had an issue is after a workout when I was a little sweaty. One can debate the proper location of a fingerprint scanner - the front so one can open the phone while it is laying on a surface or the back where it falls naturally to hand. In most uses, I think I prefer the back, but it isn’t a strong preference.

The ZTE skin is very light and can basically be disabled - the “stock android” launcher really is close to stock android, though it does include some ZTE gestures and voice command. Double tap to wake is nice, as is taking a screen shot by pinching with three fingers.

There are some issues. First, it does not wake the phone with notifications - that is frustrating. One has to hit the power button or unlock it with a double tap to see notifications that have just come in. There are apps that wake the phone with notifications, but given that most Android manufacturers find a way to do this stock, I would appreciate it. The home, back and recent app buttons are also problematic. While I love their minimalist appearance (and that they are below the screen), they are not backlit. This makes them hard to see at night - while finding the approximate location in the dark is possible, it is a minor detail that should have been better. The other issue is a strange one - it doesn’t have a native calculator app, which is just odd. Sure, there are many in the store, but still…

At the end of the day, however, for the price and performance, I really don’t think the phone can be beat. If your prefer a two-camera set up, go with the Honor 8. For a little more, the OnePlus 3t has a slightly newer processor, but no expandable memory. Really, I am thrilled with the purchase and would make it again in a heartbeat.

Bestbuy.com - Customer Reviews: ZTE Axon 7 unlocked smartphone,64GB Grey (US Warranty)